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Looking for investment properties in the Bristol, Norfolk, or Plymouth Counties of Massachusetts?

Fill out the form below to get access to great wholesale investment properties in the Bristol, Norfolk, and Plymouth Counties. We do a lot of marketing to private sellers to buy their houses and investment properties. Wilson Property Solutions is always on the look out for new investors to either wholesale deals to or partner up with. If you would like to buy properties at a deep discount or you are interested in joint ventures fill out the form below. We look forward to doing business together.

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Dwyer Data Detectives Provides Any Type Of Investor With The Absolute Freshest & Highest Quality Real Estate Leads Sourced Directly From Existing Public Records… Dwyer Data Detectives Is An Experienced Public Records Retrieval & Research Company That Specializes In Identifying High Value Real Estate Leads. We Tirelessly Comb Through Onsite & Online Access Terminals In Courthouse & Government Agency Databases In The Bristol, Norfolk & Plymouth Counties To Ascertain Potential Real Estate Leads. We Physically Collect, Inspect & Analyze Countless Public Records To Pinpoint & Validate Valuable Real Estate Leads.

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