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Our Process

Wilson Property Solutions keeps it simple. Just three easy steps!

Step 1: Fill Out the Form Below

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We want every transaction with Wilson Property Solutions to be completely understandable for absolutely everyone. We start by collecting all the market activity data relevant to your property to determine your homes current market value, then we will accurately assess the costs necessary to repair or update the property in order to put it back on the market. We'll walk you through how the deal will be financed to give you a better understanding of how the transaction works. We will quite literally walk you through every step of not only our free cash offer evaluation process, but also all of the other options someone in your particular situation would have. We will make sure that you completely understand what governing factors determined our cash offer as well as all your other potential options.

Your options will depend on different criteria such as:

  • Condition Of Your Property
  • How Much Equity Is In Your Property
  • The Cleanliness Of Your Title
  • Any & All External Interests In Your Property

Our process is a simple one and it all starts with you either filling out our owner information contact form below or for faster service you can call (774) 406-5734.

Step 2: We Schedule An Appointment To View Your Property

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Fill out our no obligation owner information contact form or call us directly to schedule an appointment that best suits you for us to come see your property.

Step 3: We Make You An All Cash Offer

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At the house, we will quickly look at the entire property to gauge what repairs and upgrades are needed. Most times I'm able to give you a cash offer on the spot. However depending on how extensive the property's needed repairs are, or if there are title issues or external interests in the property it may take longer to determine my best cash offer.

Once we've agreed upon price or terms we will open an escrow account and begin the title phase of the closing process.

This entire process from start to finish usually only takes 2 weeks, however if your situation happens to be especially urgent and warrants it, we can have it all taken care of and completed on a “rush” basis.

At Wilson Property Solutions we currently use Couthino Law which is located at 58 Fremont Street in Taunton, MA for all of our title procedure work. They will put all of the necessary paperwork together for the sale of your property & schedule a closing.

Essentially there are only 3 possible outcomes that will take place if you sign a contract with Wilson Property Solutions to buy your property. They are as follows:

  • #1 - Wilson Property Solutions will purchase your property with an all cash offer with the sole intention of repairing and(or) updating the property, then selling it for a profit or retaining ownership and renting it out t as a cash flowing investment.
  • #2 - Wilson Property Solutions will purchase your property with the sole intention of assigning the contract to purchase your property to another private investor in our network for a wholesale fee that would carry out the remainder of the steps already explained in outcome number 1.
  • #3 - Depending on your given situation, we could agree on an owner financed lease option sale or we could take over your mortgage payments with a subject to an existing mortgage purchase agreement, this could be carried out by Wilson Property Solutions or another private investor within our network.

"Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great."

John D. Rockefeller

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