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Dan Dwyer, Founder - Dwyer Data Detectives & Wilson Property Solutions Johnson's Pond Raynham, MA

The Next Generation Of Lead Generation...

Hello Everyone, My Name Is Dan Dwyer. I Am A Real Estate Investor/Wholesaler/Transaction Engineer & This Is How & Why Dwyer Data Detectives Was Created...

"If You Want To Succeed You Should Strike Out On New Paths, Rather Than Travel The Worn Paths Of Accepted Success." - John D. Rockefeller

Our Beginning

After Having Dealt With Many Of The Highly Recommended & Well Known Real Estate Lead Providers Out There I Was Extremely Disappointed With The Quality Of The Leads Given. I Despised The Lack Of Verification & Validation They Provided, The Amount Of Competition I Was Continuously Facing, The Poor Conversion Rates I Was Experiencing And I Was Overall Entirely Displeased With The Results Of My Marketing Efforts.

"The Definition Of Insanity Is Doing The Same Thing Over And Over Again And Expecting Different Results." - Albert Einstein

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Originally Only In An Effort To Attain A Sizeable Advantage For My Real Estate Investment Company - Wilson Property Solutions I Became Fixated On Learning The Most Effective Means Of Generating Fresher, Higher Quality, & Verified Leads With Less Competition For Me To Market To.

"One Way To Make Your Mark Is To Zig When Others Zag." - Lou Bortone

Following Much Careful Contemplation & Dedicated Research I Became Obsessed With The Idea Of Tapping Into The Power Possessed By The Public Records Generated By All Of Our Many Government Agencies & Courthouses.

"Success Depends On Previous Preparation, And Without Such Preparation There Is Sure To Be Failure." - Confucius

With No Guidance Or Assistance I Struggled Desperately At First. I Truly Felt Like I Was Going Nowhere, Accomplishing Nothing, Banging My Head Against The Wall & Acting Like Don Quixote Chasing Windmills In Vain.

"In Order To Attain The Impossible One Must Attempt The Absurd." - Miguel de Cervantes

It Seemed For Awhile Like I Had Fallen Into The Deepest, Darkest Rabbit Hole Imaginable With Endless Twists & Turns, But Even Though I Felt Completely Lost Deep Down I Knew That I Really Was In Wonderland. My Progress Was Slow & Painstaking But I Was Slowly Inching My Way Towards The Proverbial Pot Of Gold Stashed At The End Of The Rainbow...

"Before The Reward There Must Be Labor. You Plant Before The Harvest. You Sow In Tears Before You Reap In Joy." - Ralph Ransom

In Pursuit My Goals The True Value & Worth Of The Unique Skill-set I Had Acquired Over Time Suddenly & Violently Dawned On Me... Just Like Archimedes Watching Bubbles In The Bathtub, I Had My Own "Eureka" Moment.

"Our Greatest Strength Lies In Collaboration, Not Competition." - Joseph Rain

After Putting In All The Time, Finding The Right Contacts, Making The Right Connections, & Building The Right Relationships In The Courthouses & Government Agencies I Now Had The Ability To Provide Any Type Of Investor, Wholesaler, Realtor, Or Agent With A Truly Vital & Invaluable Service...

Thus Dwyer Data Detectives Was Born...

Dwyer Data Detectives Is A Brand New Type Of Real Estate Lead Generating Company That Provides Every Type Of Investor, Wholesaler, Realtor, Or Agent With A Brand New Type Of Lead Generation Service Tailored Specifically To Each Individual's Or Business's Criteria.

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